We offer competitively priced sewer clearing services to our customers. We use the latest in commercial cleaning equipment for residential drain cleaning. With a competitive market, it is our mission to bring the utmost quality service to our customers in order to seperate ourselves from our competition. We offer a discount to both seniors and active military, it is our way of giving back to those who are the backbone of our great country. We aim to please our customers!

Camera Inspection

We offer camera inspection using the latest plumbing technology. If there is a potential issue found during drain clearing, we may recommend a camera inspection. If we recommend a camera inspection, we will do it FREE, if not, standard rates apply for camera inspection. Our camera inspection is seperate from a DVD copy of the actual inspection. We offer a DVD copy of the inspection at an additional cost if it is something our customer would like to purchase. The camera inspection will show any issues/problems inside your pipe, both in the house, and outside the house all the way out to the city sewer main.

A very popular question when doing a camera inpsection is, "What am I responsible for as the homeowner?" A very good question. 99% of the time the homeowner's responsibilty is from the house all the way out to the city tap (which is the tie-in to the city main). Problems that the camera may reveal would be things such as roots, pipe joint offsets, broken pipe, collapses, large objects, or even seperated pipe joints. These are all things that will be discussed with the customer and the best corrective action.

Sewer Repair

We offer competitive rates on underground sewer repairs. These are typically repairs revealed through camera inspection. When camera inspection reveals a problem, we locate the issue and give the best course of action to make the repair. This can save a great sum of money. We credit this to our 18+ years in the underground plumbing business.

Repairs for customers include spot repairs, full yard repair, Right of Way repairs, and full line replacement. Methods for repair include both open trench excavation and pipe bursting technology.

Many customers do not know what pipe bursting is; it is a method in which a brand new pipe is pulled through the old pipe. The new pipe has a head on it that splits and expands the old pipe while pulling a new pipe through the old pipe. This technology has many good aspects to it. Roots typically grow through pipe joints. Burst pipe is welded or fused together, so there are no joints in the pipe for roots to gain easy access. This, coupled with the 40yr lifespan of the pipe make it a great choice in sewer replacement where the technique is allowed.

Call us out for a free estimate of replacement, or for a second opinion on a replacement estimate that you have been given by our competitors. You will be happy you did!!!


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